Stone City Sound
Stone City Sound
Mixing, Mastering & Production House

Mixing, Mastering, and Production House.

Unlock the  sounds of your dreams...


Welcome to the house of sonic wonders.

We imagine you're here because you love, live and breathe music. Well we definitely share that in common my friend!

Our love for all things music lead us to here, the house of sonic sculpture. We stand/sit at our desks ready to provide you and your music our online mixing, mastering and production services to help take your work to the level you know it can and should be.

We use a modern hybrid set up for our services, including in the box, and also industry hardware greats like Rupert Neve channels, Dangerous analog summing, Universal Audio, and vintage hardware effects from the likes of Eventide. 

We work with all levels of artists and clients from beginners looking to polish up a cherished demo to be shared with the world, or to commercial agencies in need of our skills to put the final mix, master and pristine sheen on a composition or piece for advertising, web, or radio. 

Being musicians at heart we are incredibly well versed with all styles and genres of music and are excited to work on your project with you. Bring us your Hip Hop, your Electronic, your Rock, your Scandinavian Neu Wave Death Metal, we are game to take it to the next level sonically!

Looking forward to it!